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is a 5 days long ,,half-festival'' , that gathers performers, musicians and other artists to make a new extemporal  team-artwork.

The participing artists, musicans, actors, performers, dancers cooperate to frame a site-specific performative event or extemporal installation.

After choosing the place, it's important to bring in people living there and avoid not to make a fitting creation.  The main venue of the day gives place to random performances and to public arts at any time of the day. The role of Artistic Days Off is to support the free artistic experimenting.

The first event was presented in Szentgotthárd, August 2015. In collaboration with students and teachers of MOME and University of West Hungary, it was organized as a 5-day long camp.

We'd like to extend the area as far as the Border Triangle (Ausztria, Slovenia, Hungary).

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